Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ibn Battuta Gate hotel

Vas happnin' guys? I'll tell you a little bit about my amazing little holiday that I spent in Ibn Battuta gate hotel, as the title says! It was so nice! We booked a Royal Suite, (I think it's the first time I've been in a Royal Suite...) and it was really pretty! I was pretty amazed...I felt like...a celebrity :D Anyway, so here's some pictures of the room and the hotel in general:

There's loads more, so I'm not gonna bore you with them...
Once we arrived, we went to this Private Lounge to eat a snack (or lunch, whatever :p) and I wish I could eat more because honestly...there was so much food! And no it's not like I care how much i eat, I just can't eat a lot because I get full super easily...which sucks. Well anyway just look at all these goodies!

hot chocolate asdfghjkl

Actually, we ate several times, so here's just all the food I ate....

This time with marshmallows..omg.


I'm not very artistic..just focus on what's actually on the plate.
Then there were these cute little desserts (ahh the lovely quality of these photos *sarcasm*):

(I took all the photos with my iPhone:/ I think that explains a lot haha)

Looks good, doesn't it..(; YES, I enjoyed the food and ate as much as I possibly could with my little stomach.

And then we went to our private beach/pool area -and by private I don't mean a whole beach just for us, it was the hotel's beach for VIP guests but they just called it private because well it's sort of private haha:


These ones are noticeably better, courtesy of my camera. :) It was so beautiful! Unfortunately I couldn't take a lot of photos cos you know there's some people who probs don't want their picture taken and stuff, but I think you get the idea; a big pool, a beach, people swimming, a clear sky and so on. ;)

And that's basically all we did during our visit: ate and went to the beach :) Hahah joking, we also went shopping. ;D No really we'd go eat breakfast, a snack and dinner at the hotel, and in between that, I either chilled in the suite, went to the pool, went to the beach or went shopping.
  About the shopping:
Me and my family went to a mall next to the hotel, and being the shopaholic I am (and my sister Banana) we insisted on staying when everyone else went back to the hotel. But, there was an awful price for staying and shopping til almost midnight: OUR LEGS WERE KILLING US. We even walked back to the hotel and my legs hurt so much :'( But I did buy a pretty dress and we had fun so who cares! I am definitely looking forward to going there again, if I get the chance to do so.

Toodlepip! x

Note: This is a very old post, this happened in the beginning of last year.