Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ibn Battuta Gate hotel

Vas happnin' guys? I'll tell you a little bit about my amazing little holiday that I spent in Ibn Battuta gate hotel, as the title says! It was so nice! We booked a Royal Suite, (I think it's the first time I've been in a Royal Suite...) and it was really pretty! I was pretty amazed...I felt like...a celebrity :D Anyway, so here's some pictures of the room and the hotel in general:

There's loads more, so I'm not gonna bore you with them...
Once we arrived, we went to this Private Lounge to eat a snack (or lunch, whatever :p) and I wish I could eat more because honestly...there was so much food! And no it's not like I care how much i eat, I just can't eat a lot because I get full super easily...which sucks. Well anyway just look at all these goodies!

hot chocolate asdfghjkl

Actually, we ate several times, so here's just all the food I ate....

This time with marshmallows..omg.


I'm not very artistic..just focus on what's actually on the plate.
Then there were these cute little desserts (ahh the lovely quality of these photos *sarcasm*):

(I took all the photos with my iPhone:/ I think that explains a lot haha)

Looks good, doesn't it..(; YES, I enjoyed the food and ate as much as I possibly could with my little stomach.

And then we went to our private beach/pool area -and by private I don't mean a whole beach just for us, it was the hotel's beach for VIP guests but they just called it private because well it's sort of private haha:


These ones are noticeably better, courtesy of my camera. :) It was so beautiful! Unfortunately I couldn't take a lot of photos cos you know there's some people who probs don't want their picture taken and stuff, but I think you get the idea; a big pool, a beach, people swimming, a clear sky and so on. ;)

And that's basically all we did during our visit: ate and went to the beach :) Hahah joking, we also went shopping. ;D No really we'd go eat breakfast, a snack and dinner at the hotel, and in between that, I either chilled in the suite, went to the pool, went to the beach or went shopping.
  About the shopping:
Me and my family went to a mall next to the hotel, and being the shopaholic I am (and my sister Banana) we insisted on staying when everyone else went back to the hotel. But, there was an awful price for staying and shopping til almost midnight: OUR LEGS WERE KILLING US. We even walked back to the hotel and my legs hurt so much :'( But I did buy a pretty dress and we had fun so who cares! I am definitely looking forward to going there again, if I get the chance to do so.

Toodlepip! x

Note: This is a very old post, this happened in the beginning of last year.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Green Puzzle

Vas Happnin'?! Everyone doing ok, enjoying the holiday? Good :D I have finally some nail art to show to you.....Done by Banana! Thank you so much, love you! ;D 

Ya like 'em? I sure did! I kept these on for as long as possible, but when half of the nail polish had come off, I removed it all haha :D Now, what do you think of the design? My sis told me she got it off of a blog, but I don't know which one...If I find out I'll add it :) What do you think it looks like? A puzzle? Waves?


Sunday, 5 February 2012

And It's Just the Beginning..

Hello everyone!

I'm an..um..ex-blogger of sorts, because, you see, last year my first blog got deleted. I started that one in August, 2010. It was called My travel diary. Actually, courtesy of blogger, my whole account was deleted. That includes email, my blog, my blogger profile...everything. The blog meant a lot to me and I had really taken care of it, and it stored the biggest adventure of my life. It had a lot of value to me, basically. I didn't get a warning, one day I just logged in and I got a message saying my whole account had been deleted and I was absolutely devastated. That sort of just..caused me to not use blogger at all for a year, for obvious reasons but I missed it. I decided to start blogging with Wordpress instead, but well... as cheesy as it sounds, it just wasn't the same. It was new, it was strange, I didn't like it. That is when I decided to give blogger another go. That is how we get to the present. I'm here now, as you can see, with a new name (which I actually don't even like but well I just can't seem to think of a better one :P). As you can see, I'm no longer 'karzu' or 'KarzU'...And I'm glad for that haha. I hope this time all will be good and pleasant and that I'll have lots of beautiful faces following this new journey.


Disclaimer: I hold no hard feelings against Blogger...well...just a little bit. I still strongly encourage everyone to use Blogger because from what i've seen, it's the best one out there.